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Rates and quotes

French to English translation is a highly competitive field, with a growing number of linguists setting themselves up as translators around the world and offering very low rates. We offer very affordable, competitive rates, but these are realistic, reflecting the considerable expertise and experience we offer and the high level of quality invariably required by our customers’ translation projects.

Quotation procedure

If you would like a quotation, quite simply, tell us as much as possible about your requirements, and we will tell you approximately  or very precisely if we have enough information – how much it will cost and how quickly we can complete the translation/proofread. You can complete the contact form on our website to request a quote, or if you prefer, you can send us an email or telephone (see below) to describe your project. We will get back to as soon as possible to get more information if need be, and then send you a quote. Typically, for translations, we need the file(s) or a sample of the files to analyse and get an idea of the content/register/technical difficulty. We will also need the total wordcount (if you cannot provide all the files for analysis), your preferred deadline, any terminology or glossaries you would like to be used and any other information about how the translation is going to be used and where. Our approach  and the price  will differ for technical manuals/user guides versus published or high profile/sensitive material such as press releases or annual reports. If you’re happy with out quote, we’ll need written confirmation of your approval before proceeding with the job.

Translation rates 

Translation prices are usually calculated based on a rate per word. This rate can vary considerably and depends upon a number of factors, including the type of document, the number of words, the deadline, etc. As a guide, our technical translation rates start from around €0.08 per word, but can reach €0.10 or €0.12 for more editorial-style work, where deadlines are very short or highly specialised content is involved. Conversely, slightly lower rates may be negotiated for large-volume projects (10,000 words and above) or guaranteed repeat business.

On-site translation rates

This involves us working at a customer’s premises, usually because the content to be translated cannot be exported or sent to us in a workable format. Typically, translation is then performed directly in the customer’s software. This kind of translation tends to cost more as it involves working on-site, is usually more difficult and often has to done without the help of any translation software. It can however incorporate editing of existing English language material more easily than the document-based translation described above. Prices are quoted using a daily rate, based on an estimate of the time required to translate/edit the material. Rates for this kind of translation will typically be between €200 and €275 per day, plus any out-of-pocket expenses (travel, accommodation, lunch, etc.).

Proofreading rates

Proofreading prices are usually based on an hourly rate. This rate varies according to the type of document, the extent of the revisions required, etc. Before beginning any proofreading or revision project, we discuss the project in detail with the client and establish the project’s remit. We always need to see the files (at least the file to edit, and also the original file if there is one). Rates start at €40 per hour, reaching €50 for very sensitive/complex/high-profile documents. Slightly lower rates may be available for large or long-term projects.


Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any of your language-related projects. We will be happy to discuss your project in more detail, and to provide you with a free quote: You can also contact us by post or telephone:

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