espace anglais
 Professional French to English translation services

espace anglais 

French to English translation and proofreading services

espace anglais is a small language services company based in Vannes, southern Brittany, which relies on the linguistic skills and experience of its owner, Richard Ferguson.

We offer French to English translation, proofreading and editing/revision services to businesses and private individuals, specializing in the following sectors: automotive/motorsport, business/marketing, finance, energy, environment and IT/telecoms. The company was set up at the start of 2010, but Richard has been working as a specialist in the translation industry since 2004 and in related fields since 1997.

With espace anglais, you can feel confident about the service on offer:
  • Reliable and accurate translations performed by a native UK English speaker who has lived in France for seventeen years whilst maintaining very closes ties with the UK.
  • A dedicated professional providing a timely and efficient service, backed by extensive experience acquired in the translation industry and in other business sectors (banking, finance, IT and housing).
  • An experienced and skilled project manager who is used to liaising closely with customers to ensure that all their needs are met.
  • Appropriate use of style and register, as well as relevant, industry- and customer-specific terminology.
  • Faithfully translated documents, rendered with the same layout and file format as the original document.
Translations and proofread requests can be turned around at very short notice where necessary. We also work, when we cannot handle large volumes alone, with a small network of trusted partners (mainly French to English translators/proofreaders but a limited number of other language combinations are available), mostly former colleagues or people with whom we have had a professional relationship for many years.